Benefits of Triple Glazing in Doors and Windows

While Double Glazing has become widely popular throughout the UK, Triple Glazing remains a slightly less known option – but is beginning to rapidly grow in popularity. Triple Glazing offers a range of serious benefits that make upgrading serious benefits. We’ll go over these through this article.

What is Triple Glazing?

Triple Glazing is much like Double Glazing in that it uses multiple panels. Three glass panels are spaced out between two pockets of argon gas. They are usually mounted in heavy uPVC frames.

Improves the Appearance of your Home

Modern Triple Glazed Doors and Windows can do a huge amount to improve the appearance of your home. There’s a range of different designs, both modern and traditional. They also come in a huge range of different colours. This means it’s easy to find a set of Triple Glazed Windows that can remarkably add to the look of your home. Doors with Triple Glazing likewise come in a range of styles and designs, offering a way to radically add to the appearance of your home.

Energy Efficiency even greater than Double Glazing

The energy efficiency of Triple Glazing cannot be overstated. It is superior not only to single glazing, but double glazing as well – and indeed outstrips both in improving energy efficiency massively.

Heat Efficiency is commonly rated by something called a U-Value, also known as U-Factor or Thermal Transmittance. The purpose of the U-Value is to measure the energy performance of walls, floors, roofs, and windows. For example, the U-Value of a wall is around 0.3. Very little heat can pass through it. In comparison, Single Glazing usually has a poor value of 5-5.6. This is because heat can easily pass through the glass pane, as there’s nothing to insulate the heat. Around 10% to 18% of a home’s heat is lost through the windows, and Single Glazing is often the cause of this. In the worst cases, older Single Glazing Window designs cause as much as 25% of heat loss.

This poor energy efficiency means a colder home (especially during the winter) and results in higher energy bills to try and keep the home warm. In the long term this is a serious financial drain – especially in homes which have other sources of heat loss.

Double Glazing is a major improvement over this, offering U-Values of 3 to 2.5. This is a serious improvement over Single Pane Windows, but Triple Glazing goes even further and offers an amazing 0.8. In some cases, this rating has been as low as 0.6. The result of this is a huge amount of heat saved, and in the long-term major savings on energy bills.

Increased Comfort

Not only will you benefit from cutting down energy bills through your increased heat efficiency. It’ll also mean for you increased comfort all year round. It can get incredibly cold during the winter, and with older window designs this is especially prevalent (especially those with old, rotting wooden frames). With modern Triple Glazed Windows with heavy uPVC frames, your home will be kept warm all year round.

Sound Insulation

The thickness of the glass and the insulating gas pockets between the panes also has the benefit of ensuring that sound cannot pass through Triple Glazed Windows too easily. If you live in a particularly noisy area, or simply want a bit more peace and quiet, Triple Glazed Windows offer excellent sound proofing for your home.

Property Value Benefits

Triple Glazing is very appealing for potential house buyers and consistently has had an impact on kerb appeal. Triple Glazing is appealing for many of the reasons stated here – it improves a home’s comfort, energy efficiency, security and offers good sound insulation. The impact on appearance is another serious benefit. Triple Glazing can provide a major benefit to the overall value of your home, increasing property value by as much as 10%.


Triple Glazed Windows are far more secure than single glazing and a significant step up from double glazed windows. The three panes of glass on their own are significantly harder to break than one or two, and this is combined with their heavy uPVC frame. The durability of the frame, combined with that of the windows themselves, means that you are afforded extra protection against attempts at forced entry. The same goes for Doors with Triple Glazing.

Modern Triple Glazed Windows aren’t only tougher but are equipped with powerful locks and bolts. Compared with the kind of security systems found in the much lighter frames of Single Glazed Windows. This ensures your home will massively benefit from the installation of a set of new Triple Glazed Windows.

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