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Programmer for premium theme developers toward an end to WordPress theme designing that has always been a specialty for the WordPress design community.

It seems to be quite clear as a title for this article. Drupal I understand you may be drawn to the above for something interesting to use, with dedicated Developer resources to help you design your e-commerce websites.

Personally, I have been using the WordPress File Transfer Program to my dist inching pleasure. For a while now I have been looking for a great alternative to fill this need. I have learned I must use FTP programs to manage WordPress websites as I lack the time to manage them. I only wish I had recognized this at the beginning.

There is a willingness to help out newbie maintain providers of premium themes. My experience most recently migrating over a theme from the unmaintained Web release. I imagine among some of the themes the vast majority are more user-friendly than others. You will find Joomla advantages and disadvantages too through my experience. Joomla format is a little different but still has its special features (see above).

Anyway, I was presented with a solution one day with a question from a fellow developer about how I could get in contact with Theme Developer resources.  I have done somewhat of research on WordPress themes. I was a bit Leary and my response: I would need to know where to find the licensing information for the theme I wanted, and I needed to know about their licensing requirements.

Here is what I got with this email one morning.


Good Monday. I have managed to get in contact with The Full Disk Designer. This one is based in Detroit, Michigan but accesses help 24X7 by the phone or online. They are one of the leading premium WordPress themes provider and have competent team of designers to help you get exactly what you want with one or more premium WordPress themes.

My question: I have recently started publishing E-commerce Websites and am unsure about what to get for the site in the future. I know that most theme designers are able to design similar themes (which are available for download), and I have also learned that I must take into account performance of the theme I am looking to design.

Any Suggestions?


 The Gravest reclaimer

I was very appreciative of his helpfulness. After I sent him my questions, he determined the theme I wanted and the layout of the site.

The theme took him time and guts to complete. But he was able to produce a design. I wish his designers had asked me if I wanted to have my OWN theme created. I would have Paid him a thousand bucks. I may still occasionally do so. Because I have found themes often waiting for me when I first look around doing researches. And they are always free.

When getting started with a theme program – especially a premium theme – you should always try and be as informed as possible. Ask FREE questions. There are many good Premium WordPress Theme developers who will give good advises on how to make the theme a success.

As a side note: The Full Disk Designer is the developer of the Joomla Template System. However, The Full Disk has not invested time or financially into learning how to use the Joomla language.

As Business owners we all strive first and foremost to provide our customers, clients – or potential customers – with the best, and most effective customer experience. As I have observed most business owners (especially one’s in new industries where the customer service is lacking) have a business plan and forget to include this important factor. Hundreds of thousands of dollars will be thrown in the trash cash box every year if you have not thought to include this line item your business plan.

Having a well-designed website is critical to being detects and featured on the Artist Rate Top 20

I believe this is a step-specific website that you can have after you learn how to use a Content Management System. More than likely your site will not be as successful and/or attractive than other sites because you cannot build an entire website. However, a Content Management System will afford you the additional dollars necessary to hire a web designer to build a basic site for Websites that you plan on publishing all around the world.

Do not make confusions while Googling for companies that offer premium WordPress theme development and design services. I have used the top 20 search engines, some good companies are allowed to appear on page two of the first page of results. This is simply because a website already gets many views and a visitor to a particular website is searching for specific information. You need to know if the website design company allows this, if sure, ask them for a demo or proof of previous projects quality, then expect this type of service. If you are uncertain then play safe with the first 2 search results.

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