Golden Dragon, Your Best Chinese Restaurant in Tucson

Golden Dragon has been voted as the best Chinese restaurant by Tucson Daily. With its mouth-watering good food and excellent customer service, you’ll never want to go elsewhere.

And what a better way to experience good Chinese food without breaking the bank.

Golden Dragon restaurant offers authentic dishes, good food at an affordable price. It includes their famous menus such as Mo Shu House Special, sesame chicken, egg rolls, dim sum, and more.

Chinese cuisine offers a myriad of flavors in every bite, with all ingredients available on a single plate.

Golden Dragon restaurant allows you to experience its diverse range of flavor profiles which provides something different at any given time during consumption.

Furthermore, it comprises multiple varieties such as meatless menu items or vegan-friendly delights in small and large portions.

Additionally, Golden Dragon Chinese restaurant bestows a gluten-free menu that contains all of your favorite dishes with the same taste. Whether you’re looking for a sumptuous lunch, spicy noodles, or any Chinese food in town, you can always rely on Golden Dragon.

The combination of ingredients found in each dish yields the best results when consumed together.

Thus they are best-served family-style for optimal customer satisfaction.

History of Golden Dragon: Best Chinese Restaurant in Tucson, AZ

For over two decades, Golden Dragon has delighted the taste buds of Tucson, AZ with great food, an authentic Chinese menu, and a great place to dine in for lunch.

No visit to this restaurant is ever mundane because each menu in the house will be unlike anything you’ve tried before. Our colorful and complex dishes are unlike anything you’ve seen on a menu. We pride ourselves in every creation.

The Golden Dragon Restaurant in Tucson has been serving the freshest food to its customers for over three generations.

All of the ingredients in your dish are carefully selected by a master chef. In addition, all of the ingredients come from local farmers’ markets so that you can enjoy fresh, quality food with every bite.

Why is Golden Dragon your Go-to Chinese Restaurant in Tucson, AZ?

If you’re looking for a great Chinese restaurant in Tucson, look no further than Golden Dragon.

This place has everything most people want: an extensive menu of delicious food in generous portions at reasonable prices with speedy service to boot.

Convenient locations in town

With three locations throughout Tucson, we’ve been serving visitors and locals alike since 1990 – it’s time to see what this gem is all about.

What do customers love best about Chinese food in Golden Dragon Tucson, AZ?

There are many reasons why Tucson Daily voted Golden Dragon as the best Chinese restaurant. But first and foremost is their good food and excellent customer service.

Very Good Food

The dishes they offer come with delicious flavors that leave you wanting more.

Golden Dragon has an extensive menu with all the best Chinese dishes and even some Vietnamese items.

In addition, they offer a wide variety of authentic Asian food that is unique to this city in Arizona.

Are you looking for yummy Chinese food?

Search no more, you can trust our food in the house.

Golden Dragon does not make any trouble for their customers while availing themselves of these excellent services.

The delicious food which awaits your palate will put an end to your search – or at least satisfy until that next delightful adventure.

Extensive Menu

From main entrees to appetizers, lunch, and family dinner menus, you can always rely on Golden Dragon; they’ve got something for everyone.

Good Service

Our delicious and authentic dishes have been satisfying the taste buds of Tucson’s daily since we opened back in 1990. We pride ourselves on creating visually striking and mouth-watering gourmet fare that is a world apart from traditional Oriental cuisine, with regional dishes all across China instead.

Year after year, our customers come back for more due to this reason; it is why we won “Best Chinese in Tucson.”

Best Chinese food that you should try

The Chinese menu is known for its authenticity, yummy food such as spicy noodles, buns, food cooked in oil, vegetable, and beef menus, and more.

  • Chao Fan

Chao Fan or Chinese fried rice is a complete meal that feeds the entire family. This combination of ingredients can be anything from chicken, pork, shrimp to vegetables and carrots. Sometimes they even throw in some mixed veggies for added great taste of flavor.

It’s such a wholesome dish – perfect for dinner any night on the weekends.

  • Peking Duck

Although there are many delicious foods to order when you’re at Chinese restaurants in Tucson, AZ, Peking duck is definitely one of the best. The crispy roasted duck with salad and hoisin sauce all wrapped up into a small roll makes for excellent comfort food that shouldn’t be missed.

  • Kung Pao Chicken

Kun Pao Chicken is a popular dish at most Chinese restaurants. The chicken itself has an intense flavor that’s further enhanced when combined with the spices and Sichuan pepper found in this traditional meal from China’s Sichuan province.

  • Char Siu

Char siu is a popular type of Chinese barbecue flavored with five-spice powder, honey, and hoisin sauce.

Char siu is prepared by blending to blend a variety of ingredients. It gives the meat its signature color as well as flavor. This type of barbecued meat can be served with noodles or eaten alone.

  • Wonton Soup

Authentic wonton soup is one of the best Chinese food on any Chinese menu. The dish features a thin, square dumpling wrapper that can be filled with shrimp, pork, or fish and more often than not includes cabbage and noodles in its rich broth made from ingredients such as ground pork, chicken ham, and aromatics.

  • Soup Dumpling

On the other hand, soup dumplings are different from regular steamed or fried dumplings. The filling is a mixture of pork stock and collagen that solidifies as it cools.

It’s then folded into delicate wrappers before being cooked in steamers for about 6 minutes until they’re ready to serve with its broth inside.

To eat them you simply bite off the top after which you can slurp out some broth before popping everything else in your mouth at once.

Best Chinese Restaurant in Tucson – Golden Dragon

Chinese food is not only tasty but also a work of art for people to appreciate. Chinese cuisine is both diverse and delicious. It offers something for everyone.

Whether you are in the mood for a spicy dish or prefer to eat light vegetables with subtle flavors- there’s nothing that you can’t find on any Chinese menu!

Chinese cuisine’s diversity in color and taste makes its appeal universal among many different kinds of diners.

So if you’re nearby Tucson, AZ, you can always rely on Golden Dragon.

Golden Dragon is the only Chinese restaurant in Tucson that has everything you need.

We have an extensive menu with many different dishes.

We’re always consistent and flavorful for our food portions, and prices are affordable for anyone.

Friendly Customer Service

Our staff members know how to make your visit pleasant as well – they’ll take care of anything quickly so you can get back out there enjoying all that this city’s got going on.

Golden Dragon has got you all covered whether you’re looking to dine in, take out, or order online.

Contact us at 520-297-1862 / 520-299-8088, call for takeout, or order online today!