Kiwi Crate – Is It The Best KiwiCo Box For Kids?

The Kiwi Crate from KiwiCo has been around since 2012 when they launched their first product: a monthly subscription service where customers would receive a new kit of child-friendly STEM projects every month. Their original goal was to help parents get creative with their children by providing them with educational materials and activities that were both fun and stimulating. It seems like this company is doing just what it set out to do because now there are over 100,000 subscribers in the US alone!

Let’s explore the subject in more detail, shall we?

STEM Fun For Little Ones

The Kiwi Crate is a monthly subscription service for kids, available in the United States, Canada and numerous other countries worldwide. Each crate includes 4-6 hands-on projects that explore a different theme each month.

This Kiwi Crate review at Fractus Learning highlights one theme – kids build a pinball machine. All the parts needed to build to project are included in the kit, and the instruction manual takes the reviewer through construction to eventually playing with the completed project. It looks awesome.

It’s one of those KiwiCo reviews that helps explain why this company has seen such consistent success. They have a dedication to quality that’s not always present in consumer products these days.

Each of these projects are made to be age-appropriate. The Kiwi Crate is specifically created for kids 5 to 8 years of age. Children can tackle most of these projects with just light parental help – the younger teh child, the more help the kid will need in completing most crates.

What makes it even better is that after a year of fun activities, you’ll have created 12 kiwi crates worth of kiddo-friendly and educational materials for your child.

What are my options for buying a crate?

There are two ways to go about this:

– You can buy a KiwiCo box as they become available every month, meaning that you know exactly what kiddo project will be introduced each time. A 1 time box will cost $29 plus shipping and handling (shipping rates vary by location).

– Otherwise, if you prefer to save a little more money in the long run, you can subscribe for a full year’s worth of kiwi crates and receive one every month. That’s right, you can get the Kiwi Crate as a monthly subscription service that sends kids ages 3-8 educational and fun crafts to do each month.

The Kiwi Crate subscription is $19.95 each month and you can sign up for one month, 3 months or 6 months at a time.

Students get to do activities that will spark their creativity while learning about the different topics each month. Activities include science experiments, art projects, engineering challenges and more.

Kids can make anything from slime, to paper airplanes, to popsicles. Themes include things like animals, space, robotics and more! The crates are delivered to your door every month with all of the supplies inside that you need to complete the project together as a family. No tools or glue required. It’s just stuff they would never find around their house – so it’s always exciting when it arrives!

Free Shipping Is Always Good

They offer free shipping both ways, so if your child doesn’t like the crate they sent them they’ll send another one free of charge!

KiwiCo’s mission statement is “to inspire children with new experiences in arts and science”. This is the kiwi crate’s main purpose and I would say they are definitely achieving this through their child-friendly kiwi box project kits.

Their kiwi crate has received quite a few awards since 2014, including being named one of Inc.’s Best Products in Education – 2 years in a row! They were also named by Babbel Magazine as one of “The Best Toys on the Market”.

What kiddo wouldn’t want that?  And the kiwi crate is all in good fun, so parents don’t have to worry about what their child will be learning. KiwiCo does it all for you.

So if you are on the fence about getting a Kiwi Crate – our advice is go ahead. Your child will thank you.