Which Japanese Android Apps Will You Use?

Japanese android apps are now being widely used by savvy smartphone users from Japan and around the world. A growing number of people are realizing the importance of being able to use innovative apps to learn new languages. There is no need to go through years of hard work just to master a new language or dialect. Learn Japanese on your smartphone and experience the convenience of instantly accessing tons of free courses, tools and activities right on your phone.

What are the best Japanese android apps to help you learn to speak, read and write Japanese? FluentU is one of the top picks. The 25 Best apps for learning Japanese like a true professional in the future. FluentU makes it easy to quickly learn new vocabulary and verb conjugation with its intuitive interface and powerful vocabulary and grammar features. Plus, you’ll be learning real-life Japanese, so you will immediately feel a connection with the language. Available in multiple languages, FluentU has an application for all ages that will delight both adults (Teaching Feeling) .

Another top Japanese android apps list is Rocket Japanese. This app is another excellent choice that features several fun and interactive games that will not only make you more confident in your pronunciation but help you improve your ability to understand everything that you are hearing. With the right skills, you can easily expand your knowledge through these fun learning apps. And once you master a particular language, you can share it with friends or pass it on to a family member so that they can enjoy it too.

But what about hiragana and kana? Surely these are the most common Japanese alphabet letters, right? And what about learning them as well? These two basic Japanese alphabets are also used in the Japanese alphabet, but they are also the hardest to learn. Fortunately, there are apps that will teach you both of them, at the same time!

If you’d like to expand your vocabulary, one of the best apps for that is called Rocket Japanese. Similar to FluentU, it features a fun learning experience and lots of flash cards, quizzes, games, and pronunciation lessons. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to learn Japanese, whether they just want to read the language or become fluent in it. Once you master the basics, you can start enjoying these fun and engaging learning Japanese apps.

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Then there is another great option: a free Japanese-English dictionary that comes with the purchase of FluentU or the Fluent Japanese premium version. The base set of dictionaries includes the most commonly used words from the Japanese language – hiragana, katakana, kanji, and Chinese characters. To expand your vocabulary beyond this, however, you may decide to purchase an additional membership package that offers additional words and phrases in the several available categories. The premium package also adds learning grammar rules to the game, allowing you to become fluent in Japanese grammar.

If you aren’t studying kanji and hiragana the right way, you can purchase a standalone app that does it for you. One such excellent option is the Learning Japanese Language App. It teaches you the correct pronunciation of the Japanese alphabet and the rules of grammar with the help of graphics and audio lessons. This is an excellent choice if you already know some of the basics of the Japanese language, such as how to read and speak the language. When you add the fact that it’s free, it’s easy to see why Learning Japanese Language App is so popular among students studying foreign language courses.

If you’re a student who’s interested in trying to learn a new language, you may want to check out one or more of the great Japanese Android apps that are available today. For example, the Learn Japanese Language app by waygo is an exceptional choice if you’re taking a course at a college that requires learning Japanese in order to take exams. It will teach you the proper way to pronounce the sounds of the Japanese alphabet and create sentence fragments for you to listen to and learn from. And waygo also has an excellent library of sample conversations, which you can listen to and re-watch as many times as you want until you feel ready to master the language on your own.